Man in the Mirror is an annual word conference put together by God under the auspices of God’s Chamber Ministries to bring believers into deeper knowledge of the Word.

Paul’s prayer mostly bordered on the believer having the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ Jesus and Peter also admonishes us to grow in grace and knowledge of God and Christ Jesus.

Hearts flooded with light is what will bring the believer into enjoying the richest measure of God’s fullness in their entire being.

Currently, we see a larger part of the church in deep ignorance thus rubbing the average believer of the very essence of the gospel. At Man in the Mirror, the Mirror of the Word is made open for the believer to behold who he/she is in Christ Jesus and also what belongs to them by this association. It’s is beholding that births a believing that eventually leads to a becoming which is our destination. We become via transformation from one level to another level.

Man in the Mirror 2016 was The Spirit of Faith and 2017 was Of His fullness have we all received grace upon grace.

Come 2018 we will be looking at IN CHRIST.

Behold| Believe| Become

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