The foremost institution in scriptures is the FAMILY and the devil seeks to infiltrate this all important institution. God’s Chamber as a ministry places premium on the family and to this end we have created various fora for the interaction of these family units thereby building stronger ties at the home front. June of every year is tagged the FAMILY Month where each family unit takes over the running of the service. We also have times allotted for Couples Getaway, Singles Day Out and Children Timeout.


The Caleb Company (TCC) is the general assembly of Men in God’s Chamber. TCC, in line with the vision and mission of the Church, is tasked with the responsibility of creating the conducive environment for the birth and transformation of leaders – Husbands, Fathers, Business and Career frontrunners; to serve as pillars in the body of Christ.

In order to actualize this tall mandate, several programs and activities are lined up for its members within each year. Such include bi-monthly short meetings, quarterly meetings at a volunteer member’s residence, business and career forums, the family week, social activities and vigils. Members are also mandated to attend the ministry’s training school to ensure they are properly equipped for the race.

The Company is fully supported by the Follow-up, Planning and Welfare committees.

Our evidence is that of changed lives in all ramifications of life.

Awesome Treasures is the women unit of God’s Chamber. Women who have been transformed by the word become dedicated to service with a passion of making impact from within the church to their environment and ultimately fulfil purpose. We believe true womanhood can only be measured by their character viz-a-viz the word of God.

Awesome Treasures meet quarterly in members’ homes to pray and strengthen one another, engage in caring for the elders in the church and various charity programmes.

The Youths & Singles Fellowship (SAPPHIRE FAMILY) of God’s Chamber Ministries is a gathering of young, talented, gifted, vibrant sons and daughters of Christ who are presently not married i.e. Single (but whose future marital lives have been settled by the most high). Sapphire family members are committed to helping each other grow spiritually, socially, educationally, financially, career-wise and in business through various platforms like teachings, seminars, get-together etc. We also help to contribute our quota to the growth and development of the church

Welcome to God’s Chamber Junior Church, a place where God’s gifts in our children are mentored into greatness to make the world a better place to be.

With a vision to bring up the child in God’s way through the word and making him/her realise his/her God-given potential from a tender and innocent age, we have put up systems and models to achieve this objective.

At God’s Chamber, we have professional, well-trained teachers as well as volunteers who are passionate, have the heart of a child and possess the fear of the Lord. With these attributes, they are well-equipped with the requisite grace to attend to and gloriously lead these young chaps into fulfilling their future mandate.

With this great commission in mind, we train up our children with and by the word of the Lord and other methodology needed to make the child’s mind brighter and sharper to the things of God. We also train them to be competitive in all areas of life in order to achieve greatness and transform lives.

We place a high value on each individual child even as Christ commands in the bible, “And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (KJV, Matthew 18:2-4).


Experience heartfelt worship and prayers, seasoned word in a friendly and loving atmosphere.

GC is committed to your total transformation as we see you conform to the image of Jesus in every aspect of life.


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