Faith Confessions

The word of faith must always be in our hearts and articulated with our mouth! It’s only him that orders his conversation aright that will experience God’s salvation, Psalm 50:23.

God has declared this year 2013, as the year of GLIDING ON THE WINGS OF GRACE! Grace will only function with adequate knowledge of what God already has in store for us.

We belong to Christ and we are heirs of God, also called seeds of Abraham, we therefore understand that the promises of God are for us to download into our daily living experiences.

We therefore believe that the following words spoken by God over us holds true and valid regardless of our present realities.

We believe that as we declare and confess these words of God over our lives and circumstances, they will take up flesh and we will see them physically manifested and we would behold its glory.

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled”. Proverbs 18:20.

Making faith confessions is like placing an order for a good and patiently waiting for its delivery. We believe and therefore speak…. (note: Water each section with thanksgiving while you wait for your delieveries)